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Monday, January 24, 2022

A Quick Glossary of Cruise Ship Terminology

If you’ve spent some time at sea, you probably know your bow from your aft. But for first-time cruisers – and those who haven’t cruised for a while – here’s a quick list of seafaring terms that may help you navigate around the ship.

Aft (also “stern”) – Near or at the rear of the ship.

Bow (also “fore” or “forward”) – Near or at the front of the ship.

Bridge – The command center where the crew navigates the seas and steers the ship; it’s often high up and toward the bow, and usually off-limits to passengers.

Cabin (also “stateroom”) – A living/sleeping room or suite occupied by passengers.

Captain – The top officer, in command of the ship and crew.

Cruise Director – The officer in charge of onboard entertainment and social events for passengers.

Cruise Terminal – A facility where cruise ships begin and end passenger cruises, similar to an airport terminal for planes or a station for trains.

Deck – A floor or level within a cruise ship.

Gangway – A walkway you’ll use to enter and exit the ship.

Galley – The main kitchen on the ship.

Lido – The deck where the pool is located, and often a casual restaurant as well.

Muster Station – The place you gather with other passengers in the very rare event of a ship evacuation; each cruise includes a “muster drill” to show you where your muster station is.

Port – The left side of the ship as you face the bow or front.

Port of Call – A place your ship visits during your cruise.

Purser – The officer in charge of the finances of the ship and cruise, who also oversees the guest services desk.

Sea Day – A day the ship does not visit a port of call (a perfect time to enjoy the ship’s pool, spa, gym and other amenities).

Shore Excursion – Tours and other activities to enjoy onshore while the ship is visiting a port of call.

Starboard – The right side of the ship as you face the bow or front.

Steward (also “cabin attendant”) – A crew member who cleans and refreshes your cabin twice a day.

Tender – A small boat used to shuttle passengers between the ship and a dock; used when a ship can’t access a port of call directly and must anchor a short distance from the dock.

As you plan your next cruise, if you come across any unfamiliar terminology, just ask Anita, your professional travel advisor to translate for you.

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