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Monday, April 12, 2021

Try a Repositioning Cruise

If you loved days spent out at sea on past cruises – or if the idea of having lots of time to enjoy all the amenities of a modern cruise ship appeals to you – look into repositioning cruises.

Repositioning cruises happen when ships need to move from one part of the world to another, in line with cruise seasons. For example, some ships move from Northern Europe to the Caribbean in fall, or from Australia to the Pacific Northwest in late spring.

Crossing a vast expanse of water gives passengers plenty of time to explore everything on board, which can be hard to do on a port-intensive cruise. Repositioning cruises often provide great value, as well. Just remember that you’ll have to travel to one port to board the ship, then return home from a different port (that might be on a different continent).

Most repositioning cruises are at least 10 days long, and many are longer. And most of those days will be spent at sea, without a port in sight. So, how would you spend your time? Here are a few ideas.

·         Try all the onboard activities. When there’s a choice between exploring on shore and staying on board, most of us choose the shore. Days at sea days provide the opportunity to participate in any and all the onboard activities you like, from fitness classes to lectures, wine tastings, behind the scenes tours, and much more.

·         See all the shows. You’ll have time to enjoy all the shipboard entertainment, and perhaps see favorite performances more than once.

·         Visit the spa and enjoy a relaxing treatment; it’s truly a wonderful experience.

·         Enjoy all the dining venues; today’s biggest ships can have more than a dozen restaurants, and a repositioning cruise provides time to try them all.

·         Spend time with your fellow passengers. You’ll have time to get to know new people, which can result in lasting friendships.

Another advantage of a repositioning cruise is that any port calls are likely to be excitingly off the beaten path. For example, a North Atlantic crossing could include a call on Greenland; a ship sailing from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean might stop in the Canary Islands; and a ship bound from the South Pacific to South America might call on Easter Island. Some repositioning cruises go through the Panama Canal, which is a fascinating destination in itself.

To find a repositioning cruise that you’ll enjoy, talk with Anita, your professional travel advisor.

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