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Monday, February 8, 2021

Cruising is for Teens

Cruises make wonderful family vacations; today’s family-friendly cruise lines offer large, spectacularly equipped ships with spaces and activities to please family members of all ages. Cruise vacations can be especially great for an age group that is sometimes hard to please: teenagers. Here are a few reasons why teens love cruising.

It’s comfortable. Cruising means no one has to climb into the family car, fight for space in the back seat, then endure driving for hours to get from place to place. Instead, there’s space to relax and have fun while sailing from one interesting port to the next.

It’s delicious. Growing teens can burn a lot of energy – and that means they need to eat, often. Most of all of a ship’s dining options will be included in your fare, so your teens can eat as much as they need, as often as they like. In addition to the main dining room and specialty restaurants, most larger ships have burger and pizza places open for extended hours. In addition, many ships offer 24-hour room service to ease late-night hunger pangs.

It’s hard to get bored. Choose a ship that has features and activities you know your teens will enjoy. Today’s ships offer some truly incredible attractions, from thrilling waterslides and surf simulators to zip lines and ropes courses – in addition to the usual pools, hot tubs, fitness centers and games areas. If your teen likes a little pampering, you can book an appointment for a facial or manicure in the ship’s spa as a special treat.

It’s easy to meet other teens. Many ships offer special programming to bring teens together, supervised by counselors who are experienced with this age group. Onboard programs for teens often center on a lounge or games area devoted to this age group. Some cruise lines offer special shore excursions, dinners, game tournaments, pool parties, dances, and other evening entertainment just for teens, too.

It’s fun to be part of the planning process. One way to prepare your teens for a great cruise is to get them involved in the planning. Together, learn about and talk over various destinations, ships and itineraries. Discuss the options for staterooms and suites to decide which are the best fit your family and budget. Understanding all that goes into planning a vacation can be a good life lesson for teens and help ensure they enjoy the cruise they helped to choose.

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