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Monday, December 28, 2020

Being Considerate of the Crew

Cruise lines are proud of their reputations for excellent onboard service – and that requires a hard-working crew. While on a cruise vacation you should focus on having a wonderful time, but don’t forget to appreciate the crew members who make it possible for you to do so.

Cruise ship crews include an amazing variety of skilled professionals. They clean, cook, serve, mix drinks, do laundry, entertain, keep accounts, and lead activities. The crew also includes carpenters, engineers, electricians, officers, and – of course – the captain. Each of them is worthy of your appreciation. And if you want to go beyond basic politeness and really help the crew remember you fondly, here are some tips:

Learn and use the names of the crew members who serve you. Your room steward, in particular, will learn your name and call you by it, and it’s courteous to return the favor.

Take a moment to chat. If a crew member isn’t in a hurry, politely ask where they’re from, how long they’ve worked on the ship, which shore excursions they recommend, or other small talk.

Share a smile. Crew members don’t always have time to talk with you, but a smile can be just as effective. A smile lets the crew know you’re happy and enjoying yourself, which means they are doing their jobs well.

Keep your stateroom tidy. Cleaning and refreshing staterooms are hard work, and your room steward will appreciate any attempt to keep things orderly. This can be as easy as hanging up your clothes rather than leaving them on the floor or the furniture (your clothes will appreciate it, too).

If you have any special needs, make sure the crew knows. For example, if you requested a special diet when you made your cruise reservation, ask your server if he or she is aware. It’s always good to double-check.

Say “thank you.” We all forget to say “thank you” at times, such as when we’re busy having fun. So, try to remember to say it every time a crew member brings you something or responds to your question.

Give a great review. When you’re truly impressed by a crew member, make sure you give them a great review. Mention them by name in your post-cruise survey, leave a note about them at the guest services desk, or send the cruise line an email.

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