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Monday, July 6, 2020

The Mississippi River: An Exciting Cruise Opportunity

The Mississippi River, flowing more than 2,300 miles from Northern Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico, has been a vital waterway for centuries. During its long history, the mighty river has been an essential source of life and transportation for Native American cultures; has served as the western border of the young United States; was a gateway north to freedom for American Slaves; and is still regarded as the unofficial dividing line between the Eastern and Western U.S.

Lined by major cities and historic river towns, woodlands and agricultural plains, the river is a fascinating cruise destination overflowing with history and culture. That’s exciting to travelers who are looking for a great vacation experience within U.S. borders.

The river’s length is such that many cruises focus on one of three sections, generally defined as Upper (St. Paul, Minn., to St. Louis, Mo.), Middle (St. Louis, Mo., to Memphis, Tenn.) and Lower (Memphis, Tenn., to New Orleans, La.). The segment you choose to cruise may depend on the time of year you want to sail. Cruises on the Lower Mississippi are more popular outside the warmest months of July and August, while those can be the best months to sail the Middle and Upper sections.

Plan on a five- to seven-day cruise to see one section of the river; if you have two weeks, you can sail all the way from St. Paul to New Orleans (or the reverse). Whatever itinerary you choose, it will be a port-intensive experience rich in history and culture. What can you expect to see?

·         In addition to New Orleans, the Lower Mississippi offers a look at plantation life in rural Louisiana; Louisiana capitol of Baton Rouge, steeped in Creole and Cajun culture; and the Civil War battlefields at Vicksburg, Miss.

·         Middle Mississippi cruises feature the Blues and BBQ of Memphis, Tenn., and may also call on New Madrid, Mo., originally a Spanish settlement; and Paducah, Ky., which has a 20-block historic downtown.

·         The Upper Mississippi offers what some consider to be the best scenery along the river, especially when the trees change color in early fall. In addition to the great river cities of St. Louis and St. Paul, ports may include the historic towns of Hannibal, Mo.; Dubuque, Ia., and Red Wing, Minn.

Along with a range of itineraries, there are a variety of cruise lines and elegant, comfortable river cruise ships for you to choose from. To explore your options, talk with Anita, your professional travel advisor.

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