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Monday, May 18, 2020

Transatlantic Cruising: A Great Vacation Choice

If you want a different type of cruise experience, a transatlantic cruise might be what you’re looking for. If you seek tranquility, a transatlantic voyage gives you time to find it. A cruise ship usually takes at least six days to cross the Atlantic Ocean, and more if there’s a stop or two along the way; some transatlantic crossings take two weeks or more.

Most of the cruise is spent at sea, and you can spend time reading, writing and reflecting; enjoying portable hobbies like knitting or embroidery, or simply gazing at the changing colors and moods of the ocean. The peacefulness of a transatlantic crossing is a wonderful opportunity for romantic partners or old friends to reconnect.

You’ll also have lots of time to enjoy the amenities of the ship: for example, working out in the gym, pampering yourself in the spa, and trying all of the dining options. Transatlantic cruises tend to bring extra entertainment and learning opportunities on board, so you could learn to paint, bake or fence, or add to your knowledge of music, history or drama. You’ll have time and opportunity to get to know your fellow passengers, too.

There are two basic types of transatlantic cruises:

·         Repositioning cruises usually take place in spring or fall, when a ship relocates from one part of the globe to another. For example, ships that sail the Baltic or Mediterranean during the summer might cross the Atlantic to the Caribbean or South America for the winter season. Many major cruise lines – including Celebrity, Holland America, and Princess – offer this type of cruise.

·         Other transatlantic cruises are not for repositioning a ship, but simply for the joy of crossing the Atlantic. These are mostly offered by luxury cruise lines like Crystal, Cunard, or Silversea. The season for regular transatlantic cruises is April through November.

On a transatlantic cruise, you’re likely to visit at least one port of call. Popular stops include Bermuda, where attractions include golf courses, art galleries, historic British forts and pink sand beaches. Ships repositioning from the Mediterranean might call on Madeira, a beautiful garden island; or Tenerife, where 12,000-foot-high Mount Tiede overlooks banana plantations, charming villages and pretty beaches.

Transatlantic cruises often have attractive fares, but keep in mind that you’ll need to book at least one transatlantic flight – unless you book back-to-back transatlantic cruises. To consider the options, talk with Anita, your professional travel advisor.

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