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Monday, April 6, 2020

Cruising Japan

Perched on the Pacific Ring of Fire at Asia’s eastern edge, Japan is welcoming more visitors via cruise ship. There’s a lot to discover here: in addition to the scenic mix of ocean, temples and mountain peaks, Japan is renowned for its sophisticated city life and quiet country retreats, as well as distinctive art, cuisine, cinema, technology and pop culture.

Popular ports of call in Japan include:

Tokyo. Your ship is likely to dock in the port city of Yokohama, but the metropolis of Tokyo is just 20 miles away. This may be unlike any other city you’ve ever experienced: the busy streets, neon lights, gaming parlors, markets, and myriad bars and tiny restaurants create a non-stop stimulation of the senses. Tokyo’s serene temples, shrines and parks – not to mention the elegant, high-end shops – provide a contrast to the exhilarating activity on the streets.

ShimizuThis is the gateway to Mount Fuji, the sacred, snow-capped volcano that towers over this region of Japan. While Fuji is the dominant attraction, Shimizu is a culturally rich city, with historic buildings and shrines. Shimizu is also known for delicious seafood, including tuna, crunchy sakura shrimp and young sardines called shirasu.

Kobe. Sitting on a sliver of land between Mount Rokko and the coast, Kobe has long been a center of international trade, which explains the European bakeries and international restaurants you’ll find here. Although sections of the city have been rebuilt after devastation by war or earthquakes, the Kitano-cho district features the 19th-century houses of wealthy merchants and diplomats. Kobe is also the gateway to Kyoto, Japan’s ancient imperial capital and spiritual center.

A variety of cruise lines sail in Japan, offering a wide range of itineraries. Seven-day or eight-day cruises are popular, but a longer cruise would give you more time to explore the southern islands, including Okinawa, and northern ports such as Akita and Hakodate. Some longer itineraries include other cruise destinations in Asia, such as ports in South Korea, Taipei, China, or Vietnam.

Because Japan has wonderful places to see inland, some cruises offer one or more overnight stays in port. You can book cruise-plus-land tour packages, too.

As for timing, many people like to visit Japan in spring. The abundant cherry trees are in flower from mid-March through April. Fall, when Japanese maples and other trees turn yellow, orange, red and purple, is also popular.

For more information and to choose your cruise of Japan, talk with Anita, your professional travel advisor.

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