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Monday, November 26, 2018

Top 5 Things You Should Never Do on a Cruise

Cruises are for fun – you can leave the cares and stresses of daily life at home and simply relax for a while. Still, it’s not an “anything goes” environment. In fact, there are a few behaviors that can bring serious consequences, including being dismissed from the ship before the cruise is over. Here are five things you never, ever want to do while on a cruise ship.

Throw something overboard. Maritime law is strict on the subject of littering; trash of any kind is dangerous for marine life. Also, air currents can draw anything tossed overboard back onto the ship. The results can range from highly annoying (discarded gum might land in the hair of a passenger three decks down) to highly dangerous (a still-burning cigarette can start a fire).

Skip the muster drill. The muster drill is designed to show you where to assemble (your muster station) in case of emergency. This is vital information:  you need to know which lifeboat you’re assigned to. Plus, attendance is mandatory – there are no exceptions. Don’t try to wait out the drill in your stateroom, because the crew will find you. Plus, your absence at your muster station will be noted.

Pursue romance with a member of the crew. If you’re ready to meet someone, it’s much better to attend the meet and greet event for single passengers. Relations between crew members and passengers are forbidden on most cruise ships, even when the crew member is off-duty. Being found out would mean immediate dismissal for the crew member. If you want to look each other up after the cruise, that’s a different matter.

Do some nude sunbathing. Even if you think you’re in a private spot away from the eyes of others, you’re probably not. Nude sunbathing is simply not allowed by most major cruise lines. Of course, you can ask your Cruise Holidays personal cruise expert for information about nudist cruises; there are a variety to choose from.

Get back to the ship late. Don’t be a “pier runner:” a passenger who stretches their time on shore to the absolute limit and then some, making it necessary to sprint down the pier as the gangplank is about to be raised. And, if you’re not even back in time to make the sprint, the ship will not wait. You’ll be responsible for getting yourself to the next port of call.

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