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Monday, March 12, 2018

Top Five Things to Pack for a Cruise

Everyone warns you that storage space is limited in a cruise ship cabin, and it’s true. It’s important to pack thoughtfully so that you’ll have the things that you really need with you. Aside from clothing that’s appropriate for the ship and the destination, what are the most important things to bring along? Here’s our list.

Sun protection. This is true wherever you sail, even if it’s not a tropical location. Out at sea, the sun can be strong even when the temperature is cool. You’ll want sunglasses, some sunscreen and lip balm, a comfortable hat to shade your scalp, and some post-sun lotion just in case you do pick up a burn. To save space in your luggage, buy small or travel-sized containers of lotion; as with any liquids you pack, seal them in a plastic bag to prevent spillage.

First-aid kit. Bring a kit that contains small quantities of bandages, gauze, cotton balls and swabs, antibiotic ointment, and over-the-counter pain reliever, cold symptom reliever, and seasickness remedy (just in case). All of these items will be available on board, too, but at a higher price than you’ll pay at home. And, don’t forget to pack a supply of any prescription medications you take: those medications may not be easily or quickly available if you don’t bring them along.

Laundry alternatives. Because you’re packing lightly, you won’t have many extra clothes, but some laundry alternatives to keep your cruise wardrobe looking fresh. Pack travel-size containers of stain remover, fabric odor remover and hand-washing detergent (you can always do a little laundry in your bathroom sink). Wrinkle release spray can be helpful, too.

Reusable water bottle. It’s important to stay hydrated while traveling, and you can fill and refill your own water bottle at dining spots around the ship. You can fill it and take it on shore excursions, too, which is especially important in locations where you shouldn’t drink the local water.

Creative storage. To bring more storage space with you, get a plastic over-the-door shoe holder that folds up small for packing. Hang it on the closet or bathroom door and use all the little pockets for organizing your shoes, jewelry and other small items. To create hanging space for wet towels or swimsuits, bring some hooks that attach to shower walls with a suction cup.

Ask Anita, your Cruise Holidays personal cruise expert for more ideas on cruise essentials.

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