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Monday, November 13, 2017

Alaska Cruise or Alaska Cruisetour?

If you’re planning to cruise to Alaska, be sure to consider the Alaskan cruisetours offered by many cruise lines. A cruisetour is a combination of a cruise along Alaska’s scenic coastline and a land tour that will take you to part of the state’s vast interior. Some people say you can’t really experience Alaska if you do only a cruise or a land tour, but doing both will give you a true Alaskan experience.

Still, a cruisetour isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. If you’re seeing Alaska via cruise because you don’t enjoy overland travel via train, bus or car, you may want to stick with a cruise only.

But if the idea of a cruisetour interests you, consider the amazing places you can see on the land tour portion. One popular destination is Denali National Park, an enormous natural treasure that includes and surrounds Denali, the highest mountain in North America. There are glaciers, forests and tundra, and impressive Alaskan wildlife, including moose, caribou, bears, wolves and Dall sheep.

Located between Anchorage and Denali, the pioneer town of Talkeetna is at the confluence of three glacial rivers, so it’s a great destination for fishing or rafting. From Talkeetna, you can also take a “flightseeing” tour to Denali, viewing the rugged peaks from above and landing on a glacier.

If you’ve already been to Denali, there’s another national park in Alaska that offers stunning mountain scenery – Wrangell St. Elias National Park, which is the largest U.S. national park. It’s home to nine of the highest peaks in the U.S. Runoff from the massive glaciers helps feed the scenic Copper River; you can also visit Kennecott, a ghost town that was once a copper mining boomtown.

There are more options for the land tour portions of your Alaskan cruisetour: talk with your Cruise Holidays personal cruise expert to learn more.

Also, talk with Anita,  your cruise expert, about whether you should take the land tour portion of your cruisetour before or after the cruise portion. Some people like to tour first, absorbing Alaskan culture before enjoying the pampering amenities of the cruise ship. Others like to cruise first, releasing the stress of daily life and relaxing on the ship before venturing into the interior. Choose which is best for you, and make your plans!

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