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Monday, August 7, 2017

Cruising to Barbados

The easternmost of Caribbean islands, Barbados is known to many as the birthplace of pop singer Rihanna. But, cruise fans know Barbados as a beautiful island with gentle green hills (and some steep cliffs on the eastern side) that slope down to white sand beaches. The daytime temperature is between 75 and 90 all year, with a refreshing breeze from the trade winds.

Cruise ships dock a mile west of downtown Bridgetown, the island’s capital. Stroll down the Princess Anne Highway to Pelican Village to visit artisan boutiques, a cigar factory and a fish market; then, stroll through a lovely park and into downtown. Watch for cars driving on the left side of the road, one of the many traditions left over from Barbados’ long tenure as a British territory.

There’s a lot to see, beginning with the Mount Gay Rum Factory, producing delicious rum for three centuries. You’ll have the chance to taste and enjoy the flavors of all six varieties. Barbadians are also proud of their pottery. The family-owned Earthworks Pottery Studio is the home of beautiful hand-made, hand-painted pottery that makes a wonderful souvenir.

An island tour can take you to George Washington's House in St. Michael, once visited by the first U.S. president; Cherry Tree Hill in St. Andrew Parish, which overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and the green hills and valleys of the island’s Scotland district; or Farley Hill National Park in St. Peter Parish, where you can explore the ruins of a grand manor house and take in more views. All around the island are places to enjoy afternoon tea, another British tradition that remains popular.

Take a tram through Harrison’s Cave, full of large caverns dotted by stalagmites, stalactites and waterfalls. Outside the cave, walk the nature trails to enjoy the plentiful flora and birdlife. You may even see some furry, playful green monkeys. For a different view of the island, the Andromeda Botanical Gardens’ lovely collections of tropical ferns, trees, orchids and palms cling to a cliff overlooking the ocean.

Barbados is known for its pristine white sand beaches: some offer water sports and other amenities, some are quite secluded and private. If you need a break from the luxurious sand, you can snorkel around reefs or shipwrecks, encountering colorful fish, sea turtles and even some seahorses.

Anita, your Cruise Holidays personal cruise expert can help you select a cruise the visits Barbados and share more ideas for a memorable day on the island.

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