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Monday, May 15, 2017

Cruise Trends for 2017

The cruise industry is always evolving to meet the needs and interests of loyal passengers and attract new ones. What can you look forward to in cruising during 2017? Expect to hear more about river cruising, expedition cruising and themed cruising.

River cruising, already a major trend, looks like it will continue to be the big story in 2017. European river cruising is now a regular feature on lists of “top five” cruise destinations; and, river cruise operators are set to expand their list of destinations. Soon, it will be possible to sail a river cruise ship into the heart of Borneo’s rainforest, along Africa’s Chobe and Zambezi rivers, and to the Delta of the Danube (south of Budapest, Hungary).

In addition, river cruises are offering more active options for days in port. In addition to walking and coach tours, passengers on more ships will be able to borrow bikes for touring or kayaks for exploring the riverbanks. Avalon Waterways already offers an itinerary on the Danube that emphasizes active pursuits on shore – including hiking, jogging and canoeing tours – and plans to develop one for the Rhine, too.

There’s also growth in expedition and adventure cruising, which takes passengers to more remote, less-developed destinations: think Antarctica, the Amazon, Myanmar and more. Expedition cruises use smaller vessels that are specially equipped for adventurous destinations: they may have reinforced hulls for breaking ice, or be specially equipped for diving excursions.

Looking ahead to 2018, Crystal Cruises will take delivery of a 200-passenger ship, the Crystal Endeavor, built to sail in the polar regions and equipped with two helicopters for aerial tours; two submarines for deep-sea dives; and a recompression chamber for serious SCUBA divers. That’s adventurous!

Themed cruise choices are on the rise, too. A themed cruises immerses passengers in an event or activity: it could be a popular TV show or music genre, or a hobby like wine tasting, golf or yoga. Your Cruise Holidays personal cruise expert can help you find a themed cruise that appeals to you: how about a cruise focused on NASCAR (Richard Petty and Bobby Allison are scheduled to be onboard)? There’s also a cruise that celebrates AMC’s popular show about survivors of a zombie apocalypse, “The Walking Dead” (sail with Daryl [Norman Reedus] and other characters). Or, one example of a music themed cruise is the annual “Sail Across the Sun” cruise hosted by Train, with other musical guests.

Stay tuned – there are sure to be more cruise trends emerging in 2017!

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