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Monday, April 18, 2016

Tips for Mature Cruisers

We work with cruise enthusiasts of all ages every day, and we know that many cruisers who are 55 years and older are looking for an experience that focuses less on the amenities of the ship and more on opportunities to explore and learn something new.

So, if you (or someone you love) is a mature cruiser, here are some tips to help guide you to a wonderful cruise.

Pick the right ship. Ship size has a huge influence on the overall cruise experience. Some can carry 5,000-plus guests and are loaded with features, from zip lines to giant movie screens to skydiving simulators. You may be the first in line for the thriller water slide, but if you’re looking for something quieter, you may like a smaller ship. Mid-size and smaller ships usually offer a higher level of service, too, with more crew per guest.

Check for senior discounts. Some cruise lines regularly offer discounts to seniors, especially when you’re able to book well in advance. Others offer discounts to seniors for specific cruises. Working with a cruise travel professional can be a huge help: yours can let you know right away about any new discount offers.

Make sure your ship can accommodate any special needs. Most ships provide services and accommodations for guests who have special needs, but these vary from one ship to the next. Working with a cruise travel professional can also be very helpful here: yours can consult with your cruise line to make sure a ship can handle any special dietary, mobility or medical needs that you have.

Plan to stay healthy on board. All the marvelous food, drink and entertainment, combined with busy days on shore, can add up to fatigue, sore muscles or other strains on your health. Some tips for staying well:

·       Keep up your usual exercise routine, walking on deck or using the ship’s fitness center.
·       Choose shore excursions that have a comfortable activity level for you.
·       Alternate alcoholic drinks with a refreshing glass of water.
·       Get enough sleep.
·       If you take prescription medications, bring along more than you’ll need and take them according to your usual schedule.

As your expert in planning these vacations, we have many more tips and suggestions.  In addition, we’ll work with you to select the right ship, itinerary and excursions to make your trip a memorable one.

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