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Monday, August 26, 2013

Relaxed Anguilla

If you’re looking for an exceptionally relaxing port of call on your next Caribbean cruise, look for itineraries that mention Anguilla. The island’s very appearance is low-key: while many neighboring islands are mountainous, Anguilla is a low, flat island made mostly of coral. The reefs around the island protect its beautiful beaches and offer wonderful opportunities for snorkeling and diving.

 Anguilla doesn’t have a harbor that can accommodate large cruise ships, although smaller ships are able to anchor in Road Bay. However, you can experience Anguilla if your ship calls on St. Maarten/St. Martin (the island that’s half Dutch, half French). You can catch a ferry from Marigot (on the French side) to Anguilla for the day.

 From the ferry landing at Blowing Point on Anguilla’s west end, it’s a quick taxi ride to one of the island’s beaches, where you can simply relax on the white sand or rent snorkeling and diving equipment. Anguilla is known as a good place for beginning divers: Sea Fan, protected on three sides by reefs, is always calm, and sightings of sea turtles and rays are common. Beginners Reef is another good location for those who are just learning, and nearby Sandy Island offers three more sites for fun, easy dives.

More experienced and adventurous divers will enjoy Anguilla’s ship wreck dives. In the late 1980s, seven ships were towed to the north side of Anguilla and allowed to sink in 60 to 80 feet of water. The wrecks attract fish and other sea life, creating a marine playground for divers to explore.

The interior of Anguilla offers some attractions as well. Salt mining was once the island’s main industry, and a visit to the Old Salt Factory offers a look into the island’s past. Bird watchers will enjoy a visit to the old salt ponds, which are now home to several colorful winged species. Visitors can also tour the island’s only surviving plantation house, the Wallblake House, where all of the outbuildings – kitchen, stables and workers’ quarters – are still intact.

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