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Monday, July 1, 2013

Cruise on a Europe-Based Cruise Line

If you would love to see Europe via cruise, consider enhancing the experience by choosing a cruise line based in Europe, such as MSC Cruises or Silversea. In fact, the latest industry report from Cruise Industry News says that Europe-based lines are set to add passenger capacity during the next few years: by 2020, Europe-based cruise lines are expected to increase passenger capacity 23 percent. This will provide more opportunity for North Americans to enjoy European flair on board and centuries of European history and tradition on shore.

MSC Cruises is part of Mediterranean Shipping Company, an Italian company based in Geneva, Switzerland, that operates cruise ships built in the shipyards of St. Nazaire, France.  MSC’s focus is affordable cruises on ships that carry about 1,500 to 3,300 passengers. MSC attracts passengers from across Europe as well as North America, so expect the daily announcements to be read in Italian, French, Spanish, German and English. The line’s main destination is the Mediterranean, and itineraries may include stops in Italy, Greece, Malta, Croatia, Portugal, Morocco, Spain, Turkey and the Ukraine. MSC also offers increasingly popular cruises of Northern Europe, including round-trip Scandinavian itineraries from Hamburg or Amsterdam.

Silversea Cruises is a luxury line based in Monaco and owned by an Italian family, with Italian-built ships that carry about 100 to 540 passengers. Silversea ships are commanded by Italian officers and have international crews. Most passengers are affluent professionals – these elegant, all-suite ships are not well suited for families with children. After debuting with a single ship in 1994, Silversea now has six beautiful vessels that sail all over the world, including the Mediterranean and Northern Europe. Silversea ships can take you from Barcelona to Lisbon, Athens to Istanbul, Copenhagen to Stockholm and more.

If you aren’t sailing on a Europe-based cruise line, there are other ways to add an international flair to your cruise. Consider a shore excursion that opens your eyes to a new culture, or take a little extra time in port to visit with a local shopkeeper. Sometimes these are the most enriching experiences of a trip. You can also rest easy knowing your English-speaking crew is waiting for you aboard the ship to transport you away to your next dream destination.

For more ideas about experiencing Europe to the fullest, talk with Anita, your Cruise Holidays personal cruise expert.

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