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Monday, December 24, 2012

Cruise Ship Hangouts for Teens

One fact of teen life is that parents can be pretty aggravating and quite embarrassing (you probably thought the same thing about your own beloved parents when you were a teen). Many teens who agree to go on a cruise with their parents secretly (or not secretly) hope they won’t have to spend too much time with them on the ship. Cruise lines understand this, and grant teens’ wishes with teen clubs and lounges. For your peace of mind, crew members who have experience working with teens provide non-parental supervision.

On Princess ships, the Remix lounge is the place for teens to have “mocktail” socials, dance to their favorite music, watch late-night movies and more. The ship’s professional dancers often drop by to give hip-hop lessons, and one evening is dedicated to a teen formal, complete with dinner and a show.

Norwegian Cruise Lines just introduced Entourage, a new program for teens age 13 to 17. Teens have fun and build confidence playing games like basketball, dodgeball and Ultimate Frisbee. In the evening, they watch movies, or mingle at a “vampire night” or pool party. The Teen Center lounge is equipped with vending machines, video games, air hockey, pinball and a video jukebox.

Carnival Cruise Line gives tweens age 12 to 14 their own club, Circle C. Away from the “little kids” and the older teens, they can dance, play games and get together for outdoor movies. For the high school crowd, Club O2 is a place to hang out and listen to music, play video games and learn to deejay. Many itineraries offer some Club O2-only shore excursions, too.

Royal Caribbean’s teen program lets them choose from a variety of organized events; or, they can simply hang out in the teen lounge and teen-only nightclub. Teens age 12 to 14 get active in friendly competitions on the cruise line’s signature rock-climbing walls and show their talent at open mic nights. Teens age 15 to 17 enjoy theme nights, pool parties, and games on the Pool & Sports deck.

So, assure your teen that your cruise ship will have adult-free spaces where teens can gather, relax, and even talk about parents with others who understand. To find out more about the teen clubs on various cruise lines, talk with Anita, your Cruise holidays personal cruise expert.

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