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Monday, June 11, 2012

Smoking Policies at Sea

Recognizing that some cruise passengers enjoy smoking and some enjoy being free from smoke, many cruise lines designate certain areas on their ships for cigarette, cigar and pipe smoking, and others as smoke-free zones.

Most cruise lines have made their indoor areas, including passenger cabins, completely non-smoking. Some ships make exceptions in areas such as casinos, discos, and bars – either a portion or the entirety of these areas may be open for smoking.
On many ships, smoking is permitted on certain outdoor decks, often on one side of the ship. Watch for signage or the presence of ashtrays, which will help you identify where smoking is or is not allowed. Note that smoking policies and designated areas are not necessarily consistent from one ship to another, even when the ships are in the same cruise line’s fleet. Penalties for evidence of smoking in restricted areas also vary, but usually involve a significant cleaning fee.

Smoking is sometimes permitted on private balconies, even if it’s not allowed in the staterooms attached to the balconies. However, Princess Cruises and Carnival Cruise Lines recently announced that all of their balconies are now non-smoking areas. A spokesperson for Princess Cruises said the change in policy reflects changing customer preferences and a global movement toward further restriction of smoking areas. Princess still welcomes passengers who smoke, and smoking will continue to be allowed in cigar lounges, in portions of the discos and casinos, and on portions of the open decks on Princess ships.

If you smoke, note that you should never, ever, toss a cigarette over a ship’s rail. It’s likely that a casually tossed cigarette will land on an open deck or balcony below the deck from which it was thrown. A single cigarette butt has the potential to start a fire that could put you, your fellow guests and the crew in danger.

To find out about the specific smoking policy in effect on the ship you plan to sail on next, talk with Anita, your Cruise Holidays personal cruise expert.