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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Yes Virginia, there is a Mt McKinley in Alaska!

My apologies to the author of the famous editorial in the New York Sun.

We have yet to see the mountain, but we know it is there. Twice in the past ten years, we have traveled to Denali National Park on cruise tours, but have not seen the mountain!  Since we spent a total of five days within viewing distance of the mountain, you would think we would get a glimpse, but no…  In fact, 70% to 80% of the visitors to the park do not see the top of the mountain. The reason?  Tourists arrive each summer when the mountain is covered in clouds.  It’s a rare summer day when the top of the mountain is exposed.

In September, two our clients travelled to the interior of Alaska on a cruise tour with Princess Cruises.  They did see the mountain and sent us photos of the view from the Princess Wilderness Lodge.  Thanks Fern for sharing the pictures of Mt McKinley. 

Now, a walk down memory lane. During our hot summer, we had fond memories of our last trip to Alaska.

 Mountain stream near Ketichikan

 River in Denali National Park

Salmon in a stream in Ketchikan

Humpback whale outside Juneau 

 Humpback Whales bubble netting (feeding)

Bald  Eagle near Ketchikan

 Passenger train, near Denali National Park

 Bald Eagle near Denali National Park

Glacier Bay National Park

Garry & Anita in Glacier Bay

Even without seeing the mountain, we have always enjoyed our trips to Alaska.  I believe it is time to start planning our next visit to Alaska...