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Monday, September 27, 2010

Customer Feedback: Oceania – Lisbon to Rome

Hi, Anita! The trip was great!! We had not seen any of the ports before, so it was a real adventure. Glad we didn't have a tour at each place, we would have been too tired. The heat bothered Steve more than it did me this time (unusual!), but all in all it was great weather. Oceania was very good. The crowd was PERFECT for us. Met some great people, but no pool hairy chest contests! We also loved no ship photos; no in-room announcements; any-time dining (they handled this VERY well), and the lack of power chairs & wheel chairs. Out biggest complaint was that the ship docked so far from the tourist area sometimes requiring us to walk a mile or more to catch a shuttle some shop provided. The ship did not have any way of getting us past dock security all the way back to the ship except the tour buses or the town shuttle that tended to take you to a shopping area somewhere and dump you. Even the taxis could not go back in to the commercial docking area where the ship was. We seemed to be the only ones complaining, am surprised more with limps and canes didn't think this was a bit much. We are fairly fit, but have never experienced so much required walking just to get to the tourist areas. I see that Azamara is advertising their "free" ship shuttles to the ports now.

Well, all in all, it was a great trip.